Best and Worst Years for Jeep Liberty

Jeep upgraded and redesigned the Liberty in 2012, and then discontinued it. The best years to buy a Jeep Liberty are the first and second generation.

Quick Answer: in 2009 jeep liberty actually did a pretty good job in every aspect and 2004 was the worst year for the company as it received 13 recalls and thousands of complaints.

It’s true that Jeep Liberty was discontinued in 2012, but there are still some models that stand out as the best and worst of all time. However, I have listed the best and worst years of Liberty for ease of reference.

List of Best Years for Jeep Liberty

  1. 2007
  2. 2008
  3. 2009
  4. 2010
  5. 2011

Best Year: 2007 Jeep Liberty

The 2007 Jeep Liberty is the best year because it is a street-friendly compact SUV that drivers can ride comfortably. It also has a four-speed automatic transmission and various safety features.

Best Year: 2008 Jeep Liberty

The 2008 Jeep Liberty is another outstanding option for you because of its boxy exterior looks and the fact that it is built in the same factory on the same platform as the Dodge Nitro.

Best Year: 2009 Jeep Liberty

The 2009 Jeep Liberty has a 3.7-liter V6 engine, a four-speed automatic transmission, great cargo space, and 4 x 4 capabilities, so it can offer you a great ride for regular everyday business and can easily go for off-roading as well.

Best Year: 2010 Jeep Liberty

The 2010 Jeep Liberty has a 3.7-liter V6 engine that produces 210 horsepower and 235 pound-feet of torque. It also includes a fuel-saver indicator.

Best Year: 2011 Jeep Liberty

The 2011 Jeep Liberty is one of the best mainly because of the safety features included in this vehicle. It also has a fuel shut-off system, a navigation system, and a Sky Slider canvas roof.

List of Worst Years for Jeep Liberty

  1. 2002
  2. 2004
  3. 2012

Worst Year: 2002 Jeep Liberty

The introductory year for the Jeep Liberty wasn’t all that good. It had a number of issues, including a faulty airbag system, bad brakes and poorly-built suspension joints, and below-average safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Worst Year: 2004 Jeep Liberty

The 2004 Jeep Liberty received 13 recalls, five investigations, and 1,083 complaints, and had several electronic issues, including a fire hazard warning for certain 2002-2006 Liberty models.

Worst Year: 2012 Jeep Liberty

The 2012 Liberty had two recalls and 359 complaints but did well as opposed to its predecessors. The four-speed automatic transmission had several problems, including premature failure, fluid leaks, and lethargic performance.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you determine the best and worst years for Jeep Liberty.

I’ll sum it up, the 2009 model is the most reliable and comfortable, while the 2004 model is a pain.

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