Get Your Jeep Build Sheet Now (2022)

When it comes to automobiles and family trips, maximum people I’ve known in my life go for an automobile brand they know well. Since 1941, with different generations passing by, ‘Jeep’ has not only made itself a merely popular brand but also an emotion, marking the beginning of four-door cars, and SUVs. 

Although they are wonderful vehicles, no question, many people still want to customize them as per their preference, with additional features. Besides, making alterations is widely seen when it comes to buying second-hand jeep automobiles.

For such reasons, the Jeep build sheet is something the Jeep owners search for. For Jeeps manufactured before or after 1998, it should be no fuss. So, ‘How to get your Jeep build sheet?’ It’s a simple two or three steps process depending on the time of your Jeep manufacturing. All you need to do is-

– Get hold of the Vehicle Identification Number of your Jeep 

– Insert it on the equipment list page of the FCA community website. And that’s it! 

If you are unclear about the process, it’s okay! Take a few minutes and read the whole guide below. Trust me, it’s worth a shot!

What’s A Build Sheet?

A “build sheet,” for those who are unfamiliar, is a piece of paper that workers/employees of the company utilized while assembling a certain vehicle.

It was largely used on the Trim and Chassis line to instruct production line workers on where to place components on the automobile.

It was constructed with a sequence of codes and numbers that showed which parts were fitted on the car, as well as their color and other details.

The concept has evolved, but the essential principle has remained the same, with even more significance these days.

Once your Jeep was finished, no one cared about the Jeep build sheet. The original plan was to give employees a set of instructions so that they would make fewer errors when installing new car components.

As a result, several were abandoned after manufacture. Rather than being thrown in the trash or shredder, they were frequently stuffed into the car. They were even hidden in different places of the vehicle, such as the headliner, behind door panels, or even under the carpet on occasion.

Why Do You Need a Build Sheet?

The paper is necessary for a variety of reasons. Many Jeep owners, particularly those who own vintage Jeeps, modify their vehicles, making it difficult to determine whether features or parts were standard.

Some Jeep-specific modifications have become so common that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for even a seasoned Jeep enthusiast to tell the difference between stock and aftermarket choices.

In this instance, a Jeep build sheet is your best choice, since it will answer all of your queries and eliminate any misunderstanding. It differs from a shipping invoice in that it contains information about the items that construction employees used to put the vehicle together.

Is it Possible to Get Your Factory Jeep Build Sheet?

Fortunately, the answer to your question is affirmative! Let’s put it simply if your Jeep was constructed in 1998 or later, getting your Jeep build sheet is simple, it’s no hassle you’ll know it in a few seconds.

However, if your Jeep was constructed before 1998, you may have a more difficult time finding one, but don’t lose hope, fellas! I’ll tell you how you can get your Jeep build sheet to the people owning older Jeep vehicles.

How Do I Get My Jeep Build Sheet?

Although we have been starting to understand the importance of the Jeep Build sheet now, the brand has well understood its significance ages ago.

And hence, Jeep tends to properly maintain records of the build sheets, and if it is a vehicle built from 1998 and onwards, it’s a very simple process to find the build sheet. However, if it was before 1998, you may have a little luck, still worth exploring. 

For your Jeep manufactured from 1998 and onwards

So, if your Jeep was manufactured in 1998 or after that, you’re in luck because all you’ll be needing is your Jeep’s Vehicle Identification Number or VIN and your computer. Let’s see the steps.

Step 1: Find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your vehicle and grab your laptop.

Step 2: Go to the FCA Community page and insert the number in the equipment list section. 

That’s it! It will then in a second show you the equipment sheet of your vehicle that has all the standard and optional equipment and builds sheet codes for your vehicle. 

When you go to that website, there will be a reminder flashing that ‘Vehicles built before 1998 are not eligible for this feature. However, don’t panic, there are other ways I’m listing below right now that may help you get through. 

For your Jeep manufactured before 1998

Now, why do we have to take a tougher way for the vehicles built before 1998? Earlier 1998, was before the digitalization of Jeep construction sheets and other documents.

The year 1998 saw the beginning of the digitalization of records, and Jeep build sheet records became a requirement as part of the input.

So, let’s see how to get your hands on your Jeep build sheet. There are two ways, if one fails, go the other way. 

1st way: You can give the website solution a shot. Sources within the corporation have previously revealed that you may receive a hit even if your automobile does not fall within the manufacturing year’s limitations.

Several of the older records were manually entered into the digital system by some smart Jeep employees. You’ll still get a hit if yours was one of them.

It’s completely free, and even the worst outcome is an error! Worth a few seconds!

2nd way: Try to contact directly with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and take their help to get track of your Jeep build sheet. If you provide them with the 17 characters VIN, the ‘Historical Services’ Department of the company will search for the build sheet of your vehicle throughout the archives. You may use their official email or contact number that you’ll find on the website to reach them. 

And that should be it, if you are in urgent necessity of the build sheet, all this searching and finding should be worth a shot. 

Can I Track My Jeep Being Built?

Off-road explorers choose personalized automobiles because they desire a vehicle with specific attributes that they prefer. However, “personalized” does not imply that you can choose everything you want, as they must also be compatible with the vehicle safety and give assurance of the vehicle pieces’ assemblage compatibility. Only specific characteristics, such as painting, interior panels, and grilles choosing will be left up to you. They would also give you some optional supplementary features to add.

Although it’s not new to personalize your vehicles with the advancement of technology, you must be wondering if their customized Jeep’s assembly progress comes with an easier tracking system. Good news for the folks, it does! So how does it work? It’s an easy two-step process. Let’s see.

Step 1: Reach out to the Customer Service Department of Jeep 

You can first inquire about the status of your vehicle by contacting the customer service department of Jeep. You can contact them via email, phone, or live chat. On that topic, the manufacturer employs building and shipping status codes that you must be familiar with to comprehend any documents they may provide you.

Step 2: Take the help of Digitalization and your Jeep build sheet VIN

Good for you, the Jeep enthusiasts have devised a tool that allows you to track your order on your own. Take a move to the build sheet tracking website and fill out the required information.

Conclusion: What do you need to do?

Even though when you are newly purchasing your Jeep, the build sheet may be of low importance or even forgotten, it is indeed a document that will prove to be the most essential tool in the future.

This allows the owners and potential to look for any needed alterations of the car before selling it or for the buyers, before buying it. It looks even more necessary when you are planning to purchase a previously owned Jeep. 

So, as you have already seen, getting hold of the Jeep build sheet information is no rocket science, or hours of work since the Jeep manufacturers seem very smart as they store the soft copies, hard copies, or even both of the vehicles.

Hence, all you are left to do here is get hold of your vehicle’s 17-character VIN which will help the employees to provide your car’s documents. So, how do you find the VIN? Just look for it in the car documents or stickers, or just reach out to an automobile mechanic to help you through it. 

We must agree that with the advancement of automobile technology, finding your Jeep build sheet and even tracking has become more convenient than ever. Hence, no matter why you need it, if you need the Jeep build sheet, take a few minutes and get hold of it.

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