How to Turn Off ABS Light on a Jeep Wrangler?

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) makes braking safer and more reliable on your Jeep Wrangler. If any of the components related to ABS has failed, the warning lights will turn on even the low brake fluid and low tire pressure can cause the ABS light to come on.

Quick Answer: The best way to turn off the Jeep Wrangler ABS warning light is to check the ABS fuseABS wheel sensor, and ABS wheel speed sensor for any errors. If these errors are fixed and the light is still on, then check each wire connected with ABS, look for broken wire, and get it fixed.

The ABS light is on simply means the system is disabled. By system I mean the entire ABS sensor has gone totally shut down but you can still drive your jeep with the abs light on. But if you change your brake pads, it will not help turn off the ABS light, just do an ABS system inspection by a good technician and find out the error.

Follow these 3 Steps to turn off the ABS warning light at home

These steps are not recommended for someone who doesn’t know about cars and the system and feels safe getting their car fixed by a technician.

To fix the ABS system, you’ll need a test light and a voltmeter.

Check the System Fuse

There are two reasons for this fuse to fail the first reason is it has become weak and the second is a short in the system.

Check all the fuse with a test light, while testing Fuse, light On means fuse is Ok off means it has blown away. See the reference image for a better understanding.

Reference of a blown away Fuse

Check ABS Speed Sensor

As we all know, ABS equipped cars are designed with four wheels and some of them are two wheel ABS speed sensors. These sensors are located at each wheel and monitor the rotation via a reluctor which is mounted to the brake rotor CV joint or rear axle.

Test each ABS Speed Sensor by using a voltmeter set to AC voltage.

Slowly spin the axle or hub which will produce the voltage if no readings can be found the sensor has failed and a replacement is required.

Check the System Monitoring Controller

The cause for an ABS warning light to be on is the controller itself this pump motor computer is used to monitor the system and control each of the four valves and pump a portion of the brake system.

These units include the electronics and the system control relay which enables and disables the system when the key is off.

If the key is off and you can still hear the ABS pump running this relay has failed and a replacement of the module is required.

Other failures include the ABS warning light which indicates a direct failure of the operation of the internal working of the module

How I turned off ABS light on my Wrangler?

I have done these 3 steps to turn off my ABS light:

Step 1: I used a scanner tool. I connected the OBD2 scanner connector on the left side of the instrument panel.

Step 2: Then, I saw some code, for example, “c102a”. I drove the car for a while and took some reading. There was one component that did not show any reading or and it was stuck at 0, which means that particular part has an issue.

Step 3: Then I immediately contacted a professional mechanic, and made him check again, he found one more null reading component and it was finally fixed.

Here’s how to reset the ABS light in a Wrangler

As I know my car well and I have spent a lot of time fixing it I can do it myself. If you are not an expert, go to a repair shop they’ll do it for you.

Step 1: Disconnect the positive cables from the battery. Hold the brake pedal and drain the electrical system to reset your jeep wrangler computer.

Step 2: Plug all the cables. You’ll see ABS system will start resetting the light.

Step 3: It’s better to change the ABS sensor.

Step 4: Remove the ABS sensor from the wheel hub. Then Remove all the wires from the wheel hub and connect the new sensor.

Step 5: Now it’s time to reset the system again, by following the previous procedure.