How to Turn off Jeep Wrangler Interior Lights?

Jeep Wrangler/JK interior lights are getting gimmicky day by day. Because of some internal error with the system, the interior light won’t turn off, and if the button somehow got jammed, it won’t turn on.

Quick Answer: To turn off Jeep Wrangler interior lights there are two buttons on the sides of the light, push them, and it should turn the lights off. To turn off the cargo area lights, just press on the light itself to turn it off.

If your interior won’t turn off even after pushing the button, maybe the fuse is jammed, one of your doors is open, or the light button is set to stay “ON” all the time.

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Things to do if the Interior Lights of Jeep Wrangler are not turning Off?

To get started you may need:

  • New instrument cluster
  • Replacement light switch

Check the rear dome light

Similar to the front dome light, the rear dome light can be turned on and off just by pressing it.

When loading or unloading items from the rear, people often tap it by accident, and your children may tap the button again and again.

You don’t need to worry! Even if the light is still on, it will turn off within 15 minutes.

Check the light Button

Jeep’s interior lights are controlled by the switch. Interior lights can also be adjusted by the position of the switch.

Set the knob to “ON” and slide it back one notch to enable the inside lights to turn on when the door is opened and off when it is closed.

Inspect the door connectors

To make the lights turn on when the door is opened, they must be linked. 

It’s an easy fix, but if you remove the doors and forget to reconnect the connections, your Jeep’s inside lights won’t work.

Make sure the connectors are attached properly and working.

Make sure the instrument cluster and light switch are working

If your instrument cluster has a ground fault, all of your interior lights will go out.

The best solution, if this is the cause of your problem, is to replace your instrument cluster.

The light switch sometimes breaks as it works with the combination of some springs.

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What is the best time to replace an interior light?

There is a possibility that the dome light bulb will fail after a certain amount of time.

Since this is a possibility, you should be aware of the dome light bulb’s symptoms before it fails completely.

Here are some signs that your dome light bulb needs to be replaced:

  • It won’t work when the switch is flipped or doors are opened
  • You’ll see constant dimming and poor brightness
  • It will start to flick

Just visit a mechanic near you and replace it immediately, also make sure to check all the wirings attached to it.

If you see any possibility of malfunction of any wiring, ask the mechanic to replace those.

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