Jeep Backup Camera Black Screen Not Working Fixed!

Suppose you’re driving on a highway, about to take a turn, and suddenly see your jeep backup camera screen not working. How terrible would that be? You may have faced such a situation and often get shocked. If it continues this way, then you may face a major problem. So, what can prevent this from happening? 

Updating the Uconnect system timely may deter the problem. But it’s not always about updating. Check the connection or battery power connected to the camera. And sometimes, reinstating the radio fixes the problem. 

Here’s detailed information on why the backup camera doesn’t work and the solutions. 

Reasons Why Your Jeep Backup Camera Black Screen Not Working

Due software updates are often probable causes why jeep backup cameras don’t work. However, it’s not the only cause of the issue. Here you’ll find many reasons for it.

Buggy Software 

Bugs catch the camera module from time to time. Especially when you use them for a long time without resetting or updating, it’s most likely the main cause. So, check for an update if any is due. 

Connection Problem 

Faulty wires can sometimes cause a black screen on the reversing camera. If the display of your backup camera shows a black or white screen, it’s probably because of the lack of connectivity. 

Cameras are not Getting Enough Power 

Sometimes if your camera doesn’t get enough energy to work on, it’ll stop working. So, you have to ensure its power-generating source is okay. 

It’s related to the battery and faulty wires. Disconnecting the battery and connecting it back again will solve this problem. And finding any damaged cables will need a replacement. 

How to Fix Jeep Backup Camera Issue? (Troubleshooting Guide)

Fixing this problem has many ways. You can either factory reset your vehicle or update the Uconnect system. And sometimes, a little play with the radio and battery will do the work. Here’s what you can do to fix this problem: 

Let your Jeep Sit off for a Day

The issue is more of a self-correcting problem. So, sometimes you may not need to do much. Just park your vehicle with the engine shut and give it a rest for a full day. The camera will respond back on its own. 

Reset the Backup Camera  

Resetting the camera has two ways. One is a soft reset, and the other is hard. There’s no major difference between the result of these two methods; however, if a soft reset doesn’t work, people go for the hard reset. 

Soft Reset the Camera 

You have cameras certainly with the reset button. Hold that button for almost 10 seconds.   Your screen will go black. Continue holding it. Then let it go and press it again. That’ll reset your camera and bring it back to factory condition. 

[Note: If you don’t find the reset button, check on the user’s manual. The button might be placed in different locations according to the model of your jeep.

Hard Reset the Camera 

Hard resetting can be tricky and effective as well. As well as, it’s a pretty easy process to operate. Here’s how you’ll do it: 

  • Firstly, turn your car off and pop the hood. 
  • Now disconnect the battery. Don’t forget to pull the negative wire first, then the negative. 
  • Now, you have to drain the leftover energy from your car. Start your car, turn on the headlights and press the horn. Thus, it’ll lose power. 
  • Once all the energy comes to an end, stop the engine. 
  • Then, reconnect the battery. This time, connect the positive wire first and then the negative. That’s it. 

This process will reset everything, and your camera problem will likely go away. 

[Note: A hard reset will reset everything, including the radio stations, Bluetooth connection, system settings, etc.]

Disconnect and Connect the Battery 

This trick will only work if there’s a power or connection issue. At this, you have to disconnect your battery for 10 to 15 mins and reconnect it again. The battery is placed under the passenger seat. Detach the negative wire first when disconnecting. And when you reconnect it, attach the positive wire first.  

Also, check if there are any faulty wires. If you find any, take your vehicle to a manufacturer. 

Unplug and Plug the Radio

Sometimes restarting the radio system gets things done. To do this, take the radio out. Then unplug its red plug and plug it back again. Wait for 10 to 15 mins in between. 

Update the Uconnect System 

Updating the Uconnect system will bring your jeep to its peak. Every part will perform smoothly, just like before. Thus, your camera problem will certainly disappear. The detailed method is here: 

  • First, go to the Uconnect website. Submit your VIN. You’ll find this number on the bottom corner of your front windshield. 
  • There, you’ll see a page containing the tutorial. You don’t need to go through all of it since the process is a piece of cake. 
  • There, you’ll be prompted to download Akamai NetSession Interface. If you only have one update required, you don’t need to download it. Just download the updates link that appears. 
  • Once you see the download links, save them in a Zip format. And take all the files into a 4GB USB port. 
  • Now, insert the pen drive into the car, and set the ignition to Run mode. Then upload the files. 
  • Each file will need around 15 mins to upload. Once you upload everything right, you’ll need an anti-theft code. It’ll be available at a dealership. Don’t forget to collect that code before inserting the pen drive into the vehicle. 
  • Entering the code will be the end of the procedure. Once all the files are uploaded, the Uconnect system will be updated. 


If the jeep backup camera screen does not work, it’s not an issue to overlook. Even if you change the camera, the problem will appear again sooner or later.

So, your best course is to keep updating the camera and the Uconnect system. Instead, go to a technician and spend money on cameras, follow our guidelines, and do the operation on your own. You won’t face this issue again. 

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