How to fix Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter?

A Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter means an alarming light. It means your jeep needs a regular check-up.

Usually, when internal software, firmware, and other internal circuits have errors, the Jeep Cherokee shifter warning light will blink. Today we will talk about the shifter, whether we can drive with light, how to solve the problem, and a little more. 

What Does a Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Light Mean?

When the jeep is showing a service shifter error, it’s needed to have a regular check-up. When the jeep is having internal issues, the indicator will alert you. The software could be outdated, have faulty wiring, have a short circuit error, the fuse could be damaged, or the full shifter could be damaged over time.

Sometimes, it could show the light without any reason. But if you see the light, immediately consult with an expert mechanic. As in most cases, the mechanic could not find the error. 

Can You Drive a Jeep Cherokee with a Service Shifter Light?

No, the answer is a straight no. When you see the Jeep Cherokee service shifter

You should not drive a car. Suppose you are on a highway and planning to go a long distance. Stop immediately after seeing the shifter. Call a truck or find a garage nearby. Do a full check-up and then solve the problem accordingly. 

Sometimes, the shifter can be shown without any error, but to be on the safe side, you should not ignore the shifter light of the Jeep Cherokee. 

How To Fix The Service Shifter Light?

After seeing the shift light warning, talk to an expert mechanic. He must be aware of the Jeep Cherokee service shifter, its reasons, and its solutions. This is not a task like changing a tire or checking the engine.

Take your Jeep to a garage and to a mechanic who understands the sound and light of the shifter as a doctor understands the patient’s problem

  1. The mechanic will check the internal circuit and, if there is an issue, it will be solved accordingly.
  2. After connecting with the computer, he will update the software and firmware. 
  3. I will replace the fuse in the circuit if needed.
  4. I will change the whole shifter if it is fully damaged.

If the mechanic finds zero errors, you should do some traditional work. They are:

1. Turn off the engine and take a break.

2. Remove the battery and inspect the battery water.

3. Replace the engine and gear oil.

Now restart the car. Hopefully, it will work fine. 


If the shifter is making errors, you will need to spend a certain amount of money. This is such a crucial issue for your jeep. If you ignore or handle something without care or over-looking it, the consequences will be worse. According to your car or Jeep model and the problem, the cost will be fixed.

Sometimes it may be fixed under the warranty, but in most cases, the sellers and mechanics will not provide free service. You will have to spend some money to save on your car. 


A Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter alerts you to give a check-up on your car’s engine and shifter. By upgrading the software and checking the internal circuit under the technician’s supervision, your problem will be solved.

You need to spend a certain amount of money to solve the problem. Hopefully, this article will help you if you have made an error recently.

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