Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode: What Is It, and When Is It Used?

Jeep Cherokee sport mode is something that most riders are obsessed with. It is one of the most exciting additions to the Jeep Cherokee. It enhances the car’s performance and surprises you with a faster ride. 

Sports mode is some kind of feature that makes your vehicle sporty. It’ll run fast, take sharp turns, respond quickly, and provide a more throttle response. To use this mode, you have to have the extra skill, and you’ll experience great fun in exchange. 

Below is more detailed information about the sports mode on Jeep Cherokee. 

Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode: What Is It, and When Is It Used? 

Like other valuable features, the Jeep Cherokee comes with several driving modes. Sport mode is one of them that gives you a faster ride. However, it’s not only for the fast ride experience. When you’re crossing a bumpy road or climbing uphill, this feature comes in handy. 

Sport mode on Jeep Cherokee brings more fun. You can use it anytime though it’s created for the twisty path. When you activate this mode, the vehicle holds the gear for a long time and lets you accelerate faster. Driving in this mode, you’ll experience a lower ground clearance as the car gets lowered. 

Also, the sports mode lets you take a sharp turn smoothly. To get to the top of the speed and unleash the engine’s real power, people go to the sport mode on the jeep Cherokee. Indeed, it’s great fun for an outdoor ride. Just remember not to turn this mode on in wet conditions. 

What Does Sport Mode Do on Jeep Cherokee 

The sport mode provides a better throttle response on Jeep Cherokee and keeps the transmission in gear longer. It awakens the real engine power and provides better control over your vehicle. Driving in this mode will give you a height-changing experience as well. Also, without any of your input, it’ll transform the shifting pattern on the suspension setting. 

You’ll also enjoy your vehicle at a tremendously stable speed as its stability system will fully be involved. However, the steering will be a bit hard, but it’s suitable for bold drivers. The feature also disables the traction control as it puts more power on the rear. Overall, it takes the vehicle to a whole different level. 

How to Use Sport Mode on a Jeep Cherokee?

Every Jeep Cherokee model has a toggle switch to turn on sports mode. Depending on the model, the button can be found anywhere near the gear stick. You can switch the button on anytime while driving. 

If you take the Jeep Cherokee 2016 model as an example, the sports mode switch appears as a knob. The vehicle has its unique auto mode feature that selects the driving mode automatically depending on the terrain. But most cars will let you choose the sports mode manually. And it’ll be just a one-click job.  

Seeing any uphill or in a rush, you can use the sport mode. It’s completely safe in dry conditions. And for rough terrain, it’s highly useful as it takes the surface’s grip quite nicely and moves you to your destination in no time. 

Can You Put the Jeep Cherokee in Sport Mode While Driving?

Yes, as it just needs a button click, you can put the Jeep Cherokee in sports mode while driving. For this, you don’t have to restart the engine, stop your car, or anything. Just find the switch near the gear stick and click it. The vehicle will take a couple of mins to take the rhythm of sports mode. 

For the safety of your drive, it’s recommended to turn the sports mode when you’re at a lower speed. Since the sports mode changes your riding, such as gear change, stiff steering, and height drop, it’s better to go to the sports mode with a lower speed. Once the car has caught the mode, it’ll be faster than your expectation. 

How Do You Drive a Jeep Cherokee in Sport Mode?

Driving with sports mode requires a bit of awareness and skill. Since the throttle response becomes more responsive and the car becomes faster, you may need to adapt your hand accordingly. 

The vehicle will run 30-40% fast in sports mode. You’ll get some kick from the rear and experience the sharp turning of the tires. So, you have to handle this change skillfully. Once you understand the play, who knows, you may never come back to the normal mode again. 

How to Turn off Sport Mode in Jeep Cherokee?

Depending on the model, the process of turning the sports mode off is different. However, it’s as simple as pie. 

Almost every Jeep Cherokee model has a knob or a switch to get things done. You do not need to stop the car or do something physically. Just press the button while riding, and the vehicle will shift its mode on its own. 

Is Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode Good for Snow? 

No. Sports mode is not good for snow as it’ll skid more, and things will go out of control. Also, it’s highly forbidden to turn on the sports mode in icy conditions. 

Sports mode runs your vehicle fast. But in snow, you need to deal with snow and move on. For this, there’s a snow mode you can turn on. And also, if your vehicle has slow ratio mode, it’ll be handy in snow. However, it’s always better to rely on snow tires than driving modes in such situations. 

Is It Bad to Drive Jeep Cherokee in Sport Mode? 

Driving in sports mode is fun. However, if you don’t be aware of something, things can get worse. 

First, the sports mode consumes more fuel than usual. Secondly, it creates more tire traction. It also makes the ride gain stiffer suspensions. Furthermore, it strains the engine. So you better use the sport mode in Jeep Cherokee when necessary. 

Does Sport Mode on Jeep Cherokee Use More Gas? 

Yes. When you drive on sport mode, the vehicle uses more gas than regular. It’s probably the main con with sports mode. So, if you’re going for sports mode, you better know about this thing. Sports mode doesn’t usually harm your vehicle, but it may hurt your wallet. 

Jeep Cherokee sports mode takes your driving experience to another level. It’s exciting, fun, and handy as well. When you’re in a rush or climbing a hilly road, it’ll move you faster than usual. 

But remember, this mode costs more fuel and gas. So, you better use it calculatingly. 

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