Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Reliability

Since the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel 2015 had a few issues, people are confused about the latest model. However, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel reliability is satisfactory as it lasts comparatively long. And why does it last long? Surely because of the engine. 

The vehicle can run up to 300000 miles. It has a 3.0-liter diesel engine that can produce immense power along with 25 MPG combined decent fuel economy. And the users are satisfied as well. So we can say it’s reliable. 

But it has some common issues. And those problems can be fixed. You’ll get to know more about this vehicle below. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Reliability 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel is a Mid-sized SUV that can suit itself in all conditions. It features a 3.0L six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine capable of 31MPG Highway and 25MPG combined. It also comes with 240HP and 420 Ib-ft torque. Since an Italian VM Motori company manufactures the vehicle, its reliability can amuse any user. 

However, you may have to face some common problems from time to time. One of the main concerns is its expensive repairs. But without having any major issues, the vehicle can last more than you expected. 

How Long Can a Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Last? 

According to a few users, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel runs 200000 to 300000 miles. Calculating it on time, it can last 10 to 20 years, depending on its usage. And most Diesel users are happy due to its great fuel economy peculiarity. 

So, as a car owner, what you expect from your vehicle, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel is highly capable of fulfilling it. No matter the condition of the terrain, It can suit itself nicely and provide you great ride to your destination. 

Common Issues with Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel 

Vehicles bring problems. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is no different. However, the problems can be fixed. And most of these problems are simpler to handle.  

Catalytic Converter Failure:

Cat converter failure is a common issue with this vehicle. The owner must replace it if this happens. The replacement cost is 600 to 1000 dollars. 

The repair cost is expensive, as we’ve mentioned earlier. But those who buy this SUV made the mindset for it. 

Diesel Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) Sensor Failure: 

The NOX sensor failure is something that most Diesel owners complain about. You have to deal with it often. The problem affects the vehicle’s performance and makes the car run poorly. 

Transmission Failure: 

The transmission problem is most cars’ problem. But this rarely happens with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel as its transmissions are quite good. 

When you shift from gear two to three, you may experience transmission failure in this vehicle. 

Check Engine Light: 

Cat Converter and Nox Sensor failure cause the check engine light on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel. Replacing those elements will solve the check engine light problem. As mentioned earlier, the replacement cost will be higher. 

Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel a Good Car?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel takes the fuel economy performance to a new level. The engine power it provides brings you the most civilized driving experience. Considering this fact, this is a great car in the modern era. 

The only downside is that its engine is very sensitive. That’s why every repair cost of it can bang your bucks. But if you’re looking for a good highway driving experience, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel would be a smart choice. 

Is the Jeep 3.0 Diesel a Good Engine? 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel features a 3.0 Eco-diesel engine. It’s a remarkable engine for any Jeep. The engine features lots of torque that provide enormous tow power, great acceleration, and 30% better fuel economy than any other engine. 


No cars exist without an issue. But the service they provide should be considered to measure their integrity. 

If you’re one of those who has been bothered with fuel economy, this vehicle would be the wise choice for you. It’s fun to ride this car and make the driving experience smooth. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel reliability is up to the mark for you. 

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