Jeep Key fob not Working – What To Do?

We are always looking for something that makes our lives more comfortable and hassle-free. The Jeep key fob is one of them. The Jeep key fob not working is the biggest problem and will create a disturbance in your life.

Wireless or keyless life can be handled by a switch or button. However, there may be occasions when the button or key switch fails to function properly. Outdated software, wrong keys, and circuit errors are the main reasons. Today we will share the reason for the key fob error and how to fix it.

The Jeep key fob is not working.

The Jeep key fob is not working, stopped working, or not detected, which means the transmitter is unable to send the signal. In other words, the receiver is not able to receive or reciprocate the signal. Due to the faulty key and error, the engine will not work properly.

Reasons Why Your Jeep Key Fob Isn’t Working

There are a few reasons for the key fob not working. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Battery error

The Jeep key fob requires battery power to run. If the battery is expired or near expiring, it will not work properly.

Wrong key

Make sure you are using the right key to start your jeep. Each and every key fob is different from another. Do not force it if you see you have inserted the wrong key. 

Malfunctioned Key

If your car key fob is damaged by over usage, water, or other particles, In the same way, it could be malfunctioned by circuit issues and wiring issues. It will either be locked or be unlocked permanently and will not start your jeep.

Program error

As it is working with just one tap, it needs proper programming. If the program coding has errors, the software and the driver are out of date, the key fob will stop working. Sometimes, the internal programming codes can be deleted by overload, battery error, or mistake. 

Broken button

If your button is damaged or broken, it will not receive or transmit any signal. Pressing idly or continuously without any reason, broken by heavy pressure, could be the reason for the internal and external damage, stuck key fob.

Malfunctioned door:

The malfunctioned door is also responsible for this unwanted error. The door could be jammed if it is old or rusted.


The other reasons could be that the car battery is damaged, the lock is rusted, another signal is active, which is preventing the transmission, and a few more

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Troubleshooting tips for Jeep key errors

First of all, find the root of the issue and solve the problem accordingly. Check whether the problem is real or just a random glitch. Restart the key and the car engine after a break. If the problem still exists, find the reason by checking the mentioned points one by one and solving it

If the battery of the Jeep key fob is expired or damaged, change it immediately. Next, you should check the car battery, its water level, and its oil. If it is dusted and below the mark, change it or re-fil it. 

Check the internal circuits and wiring. Tighten if necessary, and replace them if they have been damaged by excessive use.

Clean the keyhole, door, and relevant ports if they could be damaged by rust and dust. Make sure there is no unnecessary liquid or another object that prevents or blocks the signal pathways.

Replace the internal fuse if the fuse is damaged and not working. 

Reprogramme the Jeep key fob. It will solve the issue of not working if there are no circuit errors. 

Update the software and firmware. This will help you get rid of the lags.

Use the original key. Do not try forcefully to open with the wrong one.

Make sure there are no other extra signals active nearby the transmitter or receiver of the lock.

Check the door of your jeep; if it is stuck by rust or any other object, the key will not help to open it. 

Check the key fob button. Is it broken or not? If it could be repaired, replace it with another original one. 

Do not try to forcefully fix the issue if you are not an expert. I must get help from experienced people to solve the problem. 

Sometimes, just giving a break to your jeep or car for a certain period of time could be an easy solution to the Jeep Key Fob error.

Check the lock also. If it is damaged, change it along with the key. 

How to Start Your Jeep with a Dead Key Fob

If you do not have any sphere keys or manual ways to run your jeep, but you need it urgently, There is a solution, though it is not for long-term use, it can help you or save you for a moment.

There is a hidden key in the key fob system. It will save you for the time being. The conventional car key is hidden on the backside of your fob. Remove the cover and you will find a button inside it.

Press it with a light force, and the hidden key will come to light. Use the mechanical one to work perfectly. The other way is to use the manual key if it is available. Remember, those are just the backup plans. Make sure to solve the real issue soon. If it is caused a certain amount of money, do not hesitate to spend it.

Day by day, everything is becoming handier. Wireless or keyless systems are making our lives easier. A jeep key fob is an updated and comfortable system as well as one that is secure.

Normal door locks can be opened easily by using some improper methods, but a key fob is only compatible with the relevant car lock. But the problem arises when it stops working.

The issue of the Jeep key fob not working properly can be solved by updating software, changing the battery, or taking care of the circuit. With the help of the expert mechanic, the issue was immediately resolved.

If you forcefully use the key, it may cause uncertain conditions. Our article will help you to find the reason and relevant solutions accordingly.

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