Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Over Temp Problems Fixed!

When the transmission light goes on, many jeep owners overlook it, and some get confused. And this is the common scenario with Grand Cherokee owners as the vehicle isn’t known for big hauling.

But it’s neither the issue of ignoring nor getting into confusion. So, how to fix jeep Grand Cherokee transmission over temp problems? 

The check engine light is a sign of overheated transmission, and you must stop driving. Changing the fluid and checking the radiator or solenoid can get you out of this Jeep Grand Cherokee Over Temp Problems. Also, any issue regarding the transmission must be checked by a technician. 

Here’s how and what you can do to fix the Grand Cherokee transmission problem instantly. 

How do I Keep my Transmission Cool on Grand Cherokee

Transmission gets overheated usually from bad fuel. Checking the fuel now and then and changing it regularly can prevent this problem from happening. Also, you can take some additional steps given below. 

Change the Fluid Regular 

If you change the fluid every 30000 to 60000 miles, you can relatively prevent this transmission problem. In monthly calculations, you should count 12 to 18 months according to your usage and change the fluid. However, if you drive in a summer area and haul heavy loads, you must reduce this fluid-changing time. 

Changing fluid can cost you no more than 300 bucks. Plus, parts exchange and labour expenses can cost 250 dollars more. In total, it’s a 450$ case. However, fluid changing expenses differ according to vehicle model. You can just have an idea from here. 

Maintain Jeep Cooling System

As transmission is the most crucial part of a vehicle, it requires regular maintenance. You must check it from time to time by a professional and ensure its good health. 

Also, make sure you change the fluid every two years. Thus we can assure you of lowering the transmission system temperature quite effectively. 

Install External Cooling System

Most jeep owners love to add an extra transmission cooler tool. Especially for those who go to hilly roads with big hauls, installing an external cooler is necessary for their jeep. 

Driving on rough surfaces with extra loads makes the radiator worthless to cool the vehicle. That’s why you need an additional cool provider for your jeep. 

Shift the transmission to Neutral 

When you find yourself in this situation and have to park the car, utilize the time by shifting the transmission to neutral. You can also do this at traffic lights and jams where you’ve to stop for a minimum of 10 mins. It’ll allow the transmission to cool and ease the strain. 

What Causes Transmission Over Temp on Jeep Grand Cherokee 

Transmission goes over temperature usually due to bad fuel and low fluid levels. However, there are some other causes that you should know. 

Transmission fluid 

Most times, the transmission gets overheated due to burning and insufficient fluids. When there’s a bad or low level of liquids, it prevents the lubrication of parts and creates friction. And that friction creates heat in the transmission. Ultimately the vehicle loses its cool. 

A defective solenoid 

A solenoid lets the fuel go into the transmission. But if the solenoid gets a defect, it stops the flow of the fuel and causes the transmission to overheat. So, the technician must observe this solenoid part as well. 

Defective radiator 

The radiator that cools the antifreeze cools the fluids as well. But if there’s any defect on the radiator, it’ll lose the ability to cool things down. And ultimately, it’ll lead your vehicle to the overheating problem. 


Climates play a major role in transmission problems. If your driving area runs over temperature, it makes the fluid heat more than usual. To reduce this problem, you have to change the fluid regularly and use the liquid that’s especially recommended for your vehicle. 


Being overweight creates extra stress on Grand Cherokee and produces heat. When you haul a heavyweight, the transmission works harder. That’s why you have to stop and often start to get the transmission work over. 

Common Symptoms of Grand Cherokee Transmission Over Temperature 

Check engine light on is clearly the sign of a transmission overheating. However, there are plenty of symptoms that’ll let you know you’ve to cool the transmission. Let’s see what happens when the transmission goes overheating. 

  • Transmission overheating sometimes causes the check engine light on with the transmission light.
  • Smelling foul odour from the vehicle is a sign of transmission over temperature. The odour is of fuel that’s not been changed for a long time. 
  • Shifting gears will take time when the transmission overheats. It’s one of the many symptoms of transmission problems. 
  • The transmission begins to slip when it gets over-temperature. 

How to Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Over Temp Problems?

Your first task is to park the car and let it cool down. Not getting enough coolant is the reason why the vehicle gets heated. That’s why you’ve to stop driving and bring the temperature to around 200 Fahrenheit. 

Then check the fluid and its level. Transmission problems often occur because of bad and low fluid levels. The lubrication parts that reduce friction need sufficient fluids while driving. When it gets less liquid, friction happens, and the heat increases. 

So, check the fluid level of your transmission and its health. If you see the fuel black and burning and spreading odor, change it. And, you’ve to add more fuel if there’s not enough for the transmission. 

Your best course after parking the car is to take it to the automotive shop. Change or add the fuel according to its condition and move on. If you see the same problem even after replacing the fuel, meet a technician immediately. 

What does it Mean When the Transmission Light Comes On?

The transmission light is like a thermometer. When it turns on, it indicates that the transmission operates at a higher temperature than regular. It means the vehicle is running low on transmission fluids.

Any light your vehicle turns on is a sign of trouble. It requires further diagnosis. If the transmission light comes on, you must pay attention and change the fluid ASAP. 


So, as you know how to fix jeep Grand Cherokee transmission over temp problems, you shouldn’t have any trouble dealing with it. And it’s always better to prevent the problem before it occurs.

We recommend changing the fluid once in two years and checking your vehicle with a technician often. 

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