What is Tip Start?

If you love to drive a jeep, you may know what tip start or push-start means. This is an automatic feature that starts your beloved jeep with just a push of a button. Though this is a very common feature of every jeep and car nowadays, Mostly, this is one of the best innovations in the automobile industry.

Without using the key, you can start the jeep with just one tap. After tapping on the tip or pushing the button, it will start the motor. This is electrical and mechanical innovation.

How Does Tip Start Function?

Tip start allows you to turn the ignition and Dodge RAMs on with just one tap. After that, the computer-enabled system will start its magic. It will keep cranking the engine. After that, it will take a few seconds to start the engine, and it’s done. You do not need to rotate your key again.

Basically, this is an easy method, but sometimes it doesn’t work properly. The interesting part is that if the engine does not work properly, it will shut down automatically.

Is Tip Start worthy of using?

According to the users, a few people said it was helpful, while a few others said it was worthless and a waste of time. But the positive ratio is greater than the odd one.

The negative feedback is that it takes time to crank the car and crank a few times. Sometimes it doesn’t start properly and creates excessive heat.

But the positive points are that this takes less time to start and one doesn’t always need a key to start the car or jeep. Cranking a few times is not the issue; it helps the engine start smoothly. If the cranks do not help to start the engine, it will shut down automatically.

The question is now, is it worthwhile to use tip start or push-start? According to us, yes it is. It is an amazing feature to run your beloved car, jeep, or truck easily and in a more upgraded and updated way.

The tip-start button is the result of modern technology. It is making life easier. One can remotely handle the car’s auto-ignition system.

In the end, we can say, “Yes, tip start is worth using.”

Is it costly?

If you want to use the push button, you need to spend a certain amount of money. This feature uses RAM from the fourth generation, and your vehicle should be able to use it.

If you want to install the push button, consult with the experts about the model and cost. It will take the average cost, but the spending amount will be for a lifetime investment. 

The tip started being used in 2009. Despite this, remote control systems have recently become more popular than push-start buttons. But the application of the tip start button is famous among jeep users.

It helps to crank and start the whole engine system without a key. Though it has negative feedback, the ratio of positive parts is greater. So, you can choose according to your comfortability.