How to Turn off Daytime Running Lights

Most jeep owners recently have a problem turning the daytime running light off. But it’s not as difficult as you think. Yes, the process may vary in most jeep models, but what needs to be done is the same. 

All you have to do is go to the setting. Then find the light option. Clicking it, you’ll get the DRL option, then select it off. 

Following is the described information of the given process:

How to Turn off Daytime Running Lights Jeep

Almost every jeep manufacturer equips their vehicle with the DRL option. So, turning the daytime running light off is relatively the same in most jeep models. However, the process may differ in some specific models but don’t worry; we’ll get you covered. 

Here’s the basic procedure for turning off the daytime running light jeep. 

  • Turn on the ignition and the radio as well.
  • Once the display is on, press the button on the lower right.
  • You’ll get a screen with a setting option. Click it.
  • Now scroll down to light.
  • Once you press the “Light” option, more options will appear.
  • Here, all you have to do is find the option named DRL.
  • Click the “DRL” and select off.
  • That’s it; the jeep daytime running light will be turned off.

The given process is appropriate for most jeep models, such as the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Compass, Jeep Renegades, Jeep Gladiator, Jeep commander, etc.

How do I Turn the Lights off on My Jeep Cherokee? 

Jeep Cherokee doesn’t feature the DRL option. So you have to follow a different method to turn the daytime running light on. And it’s pretty simple.

  • First, set the light knob on the dash to auto.
  • After that, press and hold the middle button.
  • To turn off the engine, turn the knob behind the right side of the steering wheel. That’s it.

How do You Turn Off Parked Daytime Running Light 

As you know how to turn off the daytime running light, you should also know how to turn it off when the vehicle is parked. However, the process may not work for a few models, but it’s appropriate for most.

Step 01: Let your vehicle believe it is parked

Keep pressing the parking brake until it clicks once. It’s enough to trigger the switch without activating the parking brake.

Step 02: Locate the power distribution box

To locate it, you can read the vehicle manual. It’s possibly found under the hood. Remove the cover of the box. Then locate the “DRL” fuse.

Step 03: Remove the DRL fuse

Once you locate the DRL fuse, remove it from the distribution box. And check other things such as the headlights, air conditioning, or radio that are sometimes connected to the fuse. Make sure these things are working.

Step 04: Cut the power

Turn the headlight knob to the left. That’s how you’ll be able to cut the only connection of the fuse that operates the vehicle.

Step 05: Turn on Dome Override

Now press the Dome Override button on and off twice. It’ll surely turn the light off. However, in some models, it may not work.


Daytime running lights give a clear vision to your opposite vehicle. But it’s not always necessary to keep on, especially when the vehicle is parked.

Since you know indeed how to turn off daytime running lights, we hope you’ll have no trouble doing this.

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