Uconnect Bluetooth Not Working Fixed!

Uconnect Bluetooth is a system installed in automobiles to use voice control systems. But Uconnect Bluetooth may not work if your mobile is not compatible or the Bluetooth version is outdated.

Today we will discuss why the software doesn’t work out and what could be the possible solution. After solving the issue, you can call it over, listen to music, or do any other work possible via an unconnected Bluetooth system.

Uconnect Bluetooth Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

To begin with, you’ll need a mobile phone on which you can install and run an unconnected Bluetooth system. Keep it updated for the run. The majority of people encounter difficulties as a result of their lack of knowledge in this area.

Today we will solve the problem with tips and tricks. Along with the problems you may face, solutions are here to be followed.

Restart Your Phone

You can try this basic method first where you have to put minimal effort to fix your Uconnect Bluetooth pairing issues. Just push and hold the power button of your device, and click to restart it.

Restarting devices allows their processing unit to function properly. Now check whether your Uconnect Bluetooth turned back to normal. If not then move to the next step which is about compatibility.

Use a compatible device

If the Uconnect mobile app on your phone is not working, that means your phone needs to be updated. As the command will be received by an automobile engine, make sure your handset can receive and transmit a proper signal.

The next point is to update the Uconnect software on your phone to avoid all kinds of tiny errors. Do not overlook them because software is the main key to running and controlling your car.

The Bluetooth version

Update the mobile OS system if needed, along with the Bluetooth driver of your device. Moreover, update the receiver driver attached to your jeep or car. Due to the old version, the signal often fails to transmit.

Sometimes an old version can transmit a wrong command as well, which may cause a huge amount of damage. So be careful while handling your car with Bluetooth control.


Incorrect pairing is the most common cause of connection problems. If the device is not sending any commands or your car is not responding, make sure to check the connection.

Firstly, restart your phone and clear the extra caches. Press to remove the connected Bluetooth device from both ends. Then reconnect or repair. Hopefully, Uconnect Bluetooth will work by then.

Also, you can delete your pairing history from your jeep and smartphone resulting in resetting the Bluetooth settings on both devices. Also, point to be noted that these steps may differ depending on your jeep or car model. Now look at the followings:

  1. Go to Uconnect Settings
  2. Click the Connections tab > Connections list > Select Phone, Vehicle, or Media Audio tab
  3. Here you can delete specific Bluetooth connections.
  4. Now scroll down and look for an option called “Delete All Pairing History”
  5. Tap and click confirm for further process

Bluetooth on/off

While searching for troubleshooting tips, sometimes we ignore whether Bluetooth is turned on or off. If you forgot to turn on the Bluetooth, you can’t give any commands, or your commands will not reach the jeep or other automobile engine. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone as well as in your car.

Use one device at a time 

Sometimes, a car can be handled by several people. So, they can use their own devices the whole time. Make a point of disconnecting from all other devices and pairing with only one.

Reset Uconnect

Resetting the whole system can put the end to Uconnect Bluetooth issues. In order to reset connect, press and hold the volume button and the tuner knob at the same time for 10 to 20 seconds.

Then release it, you will see a pop-up menu appears where you need to click the “confirm” to reset your entire Uconnect software.


Restarting, repairing, or using a compatible device is the most common solution to the problem of being disconnected, not working, not responding to or not taking any command, not transmitting a signal, and others.

You can solve the problem on your own. Be careful when you are giving commands via Bluetooth. A simple mistake can have bad consequences. So, while pairing and giving commands, make sure both sides are functioning properly.

Furthermore, make sure that no other signal, such as Bluetooth, Wifi, or any other signal, is active while you are working. If the problem is more complicated, consult with an expert. Solve the issue and enjoy using the amazing app that will make your day easier.

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