Uconnect Touch Screen Not Working Fixed!

Uconnect is one of the most common and popular apps to control your vehicle. The Uconnect touch screen not working is one of the most frequently asked and searched questions from the user’s end.

The reasons behind the touchpad stopping working issue are caused by outdated software, firmware errors, software bugs, and damaged screens and sensors. According to the customer, the touch screen stopped responding, does not take commands, or sometimes works randomly.

Upgrading the firmware, resetting the whole device, updating the software, and changing the panel if needed could be the solution. When there is a problem, there will be few solutions.

Why is the Jeep Uconnect Touch Screen Freaking Out?

There are a few common reasons for the UConnect touchscreen error. Most of the cases are not major problems. You can solve it easily, but before that, let’s find out why it happens.

The most common problems are software bugs and errors, short circuit errors, damaged touch screens and sensors, power cable errors, outdated software, and others. We will briefly discuss this so that you can find the reason why you are facing trouble.

Software Bugs

Due to bugs, even an Android phone or laptop doesn’t work. In the same way, software bugs and outdated firmware are two of the most common reasons behind UConnect touchscreen errors.

Drivers and Uconnect app users frequently complain about this issue. The touch screen always stops working and asks for firmware upgradation.

Driver error

If you do not regularly update the driver and the app, the Uconnect app will not work properly. With every update, the manufacturer usually fixes the previous errors and issues.

You must check all the possible reasons why your beloved Jeep or car is not taking the command from the Uconnect app.

Moreover, check the app that has been installed on your handset too.

Hardware glitch

After the software issue, you now need to check the hardware glitch. If the internal circuit of the receiver side of the Uconnect system has a short circuit error, the touch screen will not take the command and will not respond.

You must handle this error with the suggestion of an expert; otherwise, things can get worse. Sometimes internal circuits can be loosened up due to jerking or movement. Eventually, it will stop responding altogether.

Power issue

Sometimes, if the Uconnect app doesn’t receive its power from the jeep, the touch screen might stop responding.

Again, if the connection system, like Bluetooth or wifi, is the reason behind the UConnect touch screen trouble, if Bluetooth is powered off, the main power cable is not connected to the Ucinnect installed device.

Sensor and screen damage

There are sensors built inside the device. If it is damaged by water, dust, oil, or any other object, the Uconnect will not take the command.

If your software bugs are fixed and your firmware is updated, please check the sensor and hardware. Along with the sensor, the touchpad could be damaged by the outside elements.


The manufacturers use the F49 and F67 fuses in the Uconnect command system.

If the fuse has been cut down or damaged, the touch screen will not work properly. This is one of the most common reasons one may face.

How to Solve the Uconnect Touchscreen Problem?

First of all, you must find the reason behind the error, then find the most probable and accurate solution, followed by

  1. Update the software firmware, drive, and app regularly to fix all the bugs and glitches. Normally, the makers always try to fix the bug with every update. If there is an error in the software, you can fix it by upgrading.
  2. Sometimes, resetting the full software, wifi, and Bluetooth settings will allow your touch screen to work properly. Moreover, update the software on both ends.
  3. Make sure the sensor is not damaged. If it is, change the damaged parts.
  4. Repair the internal hardware and circuits if they have malfunctioned.
  5. Replace the damaged screen and the damaged fuse. You should use the recommended fuse by the authorities.
  6. Keep your Uconnect sensor and app away from dust, oil, water, and other particles. These actually damage every device slowly.
  7. Make sure your device is compatible with the Uconnect software versions.
  8. Check the power supply properly.
  9. Disconnect the whole system from the battery and reconnect it after 5 to 10 minutes. It helps to reboot the whole process and fix minor issues.

How to reset the Uconnect app

The common question is how to reset the Uconnect app, as it is the key solution. So here it is.

  1. Restart the related devices.
  2. Press the phone and the voice activation button for a while.
  3. Switch off the button when it shows the Jeep trim logo.
  4. Now it will automatically switch on after a few seconds.
  5. If the screen shows the Jeep trim logo, your reset is done.

Now check if the system is working or not. If there are no major issues, the system will work without any trouble.


Uconnect is one of the most helpful systems used by the majority of people in the automobile industry. This makes one’s life easier as it is easy to use and handle. However, common issues include the touch screen not working, Bluetooth errors, and the command not being accepted.

Just like the problem, the solutions are easy. The most common solution is software resetting. There are other solutions also. Find out the reason and the respective solutions that follow.

We have tried to discuss the possible reason and its solution. We hope this article will help you until your Uconnect system is fully damaged.

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