How to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside: 13 Easy Steps to Follow

Forgetting keys while locking the car is the most common mistake we make. Also, not every Jeep Cherokee has the fob lock. And that makes the keys a must-have tool to unlock the car. So, it would be helpful to know how to unlock a Jeep Cherokee with keys inside. 

The Uconnect app unlocks cars without keys. However, if you don’t have a subscription to the app, you can follow multiple ways. A screwdriver, wrench, credit card, or even a bolt cutter can unlock the lock of a Jeep Cherokee. 

Read to know the most useful ways of unlocking Jeep Cherokee without keys. Also, you’ll get some valuable tips regarding the topic at the end.

How to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside?

Unlocking the car without keys requires some tools. But, not in every situation can you get those tools around. So, apply these 13 following techniques according to your situation. 

Call a Locksmith 

Calling a locksmith is the first thing you can do if you have enough time. It’ll be easy and a smart way to move. According to your vehicle model and the locksmith’s travel distance, the labor cost will be 50 to 100 dollars max. 

Use a Tennis Ball 

It may sound crazy, but the tennis ball trick often works. For this, you have to find a tennis ball and make a circular hole in it. Then adjust the gap to the door’s keyhole and push the tennis ball. It’ll create suction to depress the unlock button. 

Try with a Hammer 

Hammer can damage the master lock, but it’s an effective way to go if you have no other choices. To do this, tap the door lock with a hammer until it comes off. Then unscrew the door panel and get access to the door’s inside. 

Trunk Access

Getting access to the trunk isn’t the easiest way though it works successfully. But you can do this if you follow the guide carefully. 

Get yourself a hanger or a thin rod. Then remove the license plate that’s underneath the trunk. Now get access to the trunk latch using the rod or the hanger. 

Slim Jim Tool 

The Slim Jim trick will bring no damage to your Jeep Cherokee. It’s the safest way to open the car lock. The tool has a sharp edge that you can use to wedge into the door jam. Then pump the bladder, reach the door lock and open it. 

Access Soft Top 

If your Jeep Cherokee has a soft top, you better get access to it. Use a thin metal to find a space over there. Once you discover an opening, get inside the car and unlock it. 

Break the Window 

It’s probably the last option to apply. When you have no choice, you can go for it. To break the window, find a rock or any hard tool. Smash hard to the window and break it. Then get inside the car and open the lock. 

Follow the Credit Card Trick 

The credit card strategy is something that we see in the movies. To follow the trick, you have to use your credit card on the spring lock. Put the card between the frame and the lock and push it down. Then pull the card up against the frame. Doing this it’ll create a force for the lock to open. 

Use a Tension Wrench

Wiggling a tension wrench often opens the Jeep Cherokee car lock. But you have to twist it in the right place. Mark the keyhole accurately, take a rake and put it there. Now twirl the rake while pushing and pulling the rock. If you do things properly, the lock will open. 

Apply Airbags

Airbags can be used to unlock the Jeep Cherokee lock. Put these bags on the upper side of the doors and start to pump them. Stop pumping when there’s a 2 inches gap left. And pump it slowly; otherwise, the glass may break down. 

Now put a thin metal or slick on that 2 inches gap and try to press the lock button. You can also tie a wire with the U-shaped hook in the metal and try to unhook the lock. 

Try with a Thin Rod or Hook 

It’s a tricky way and only recommended when there’s no way. A thin rod or a hook can be applied to unlock the Jeep Cherokee. Put one of these things between the glass and the door and try to open it. Yet, be careful about the scratch you may make. 

Use a Screwdriver 

Put a screwdriver on the hole where your car keys go. Now thrust the screwdriver in and out by wiggling it. Make sure you aren’t doing it in any rush. Just move the screwdriver’s blade back and forth slowly with a jiggle and open the door.

Screwdriver and a Cloth Hanger 

A cloth hanger and a screwdriver will get the things done. Insert the screwdriver into the door jam, and try to open the door to a minimum. Once you get some space, put something in to keep the door ajar. Then use the hook of the cloth hanger and unlock the door. 

Cutting off Jeep Cherokee Padlocks with Bolt Cutters

Several Jeep Cherokees come with padlocks. And if you’re in a situation without keys, you may have to cut open the lock. For this, a 24 inches bolt cutter is something you’ll need. Take a look at the process below. 

  • Grab the padlock and face it right to you. 
  • Locate the U-shaped lock. 
  • Now place the bolt cutter on the right side of the lock. 
  • Put enough pressure on the cutter and cut the padlock. The adequate force will break the lock instantly. 

[Note: High-Quality Fobs require 36 inches of bolt cutters.] 

How to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside Via Uconnect 

The New Jeep Cherokee model features an app named Uconnect. If you have it, you can unlock the car using your phone. There won’t be any need for keys. 

  • Open your phone and turn the data on. 
  • Take a subscription to the Uconnect app.
  • Find the option named unlock. 
  • Click the option, and your car door will open. Easy peasy. 

Some Important Tips to be Ready for the Situation 

To err is human. We can’t avoid it. But what we can do is be prepared for mistakes. 

Most jeep owners make a mistake by locking the cars with keys inside. So, it’s better to be prepared if the situation comes. Here are a few tips you should know. 

  • Always keep a spare key for your car lock. 
  • Check that spare key every time you leave the car. 
  • You can give that key to someone who’s always around you. 
  • Keep a name of a handy towing company always in mind. 
  • Use a fob to lock the door. 
  • Keep replacing the battery of the fob. 

So, no more anxiety if you forget the keys. Just keep your cool and apply our quoted strategies properly. Forgetting keys won’t stress you as you know how to unlock Jeep Cherokee with keys inside.  

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